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"SMS 4 You"

With SMS 4 You you can send your references by SMS in your backoffice.

You can check it at .


Our comission is 0,04€ per SMS.

How Do I Sign Up?

You should sign up at SMS 4 You's website.

After creating your account, you must credit at least 10€ in your account. Your first sender will be permenantely  free. 

You can use up to 11 characters. It isn't possible to pick a" " (space) or a "-"(hyphen).

When ou have decided which name you will give to your sender, you should contact us at . Please inform our team that you have already a SMS 4 You account and the name of your sender. We will proceed tolink both euPago and SMS 4 You.

Please, wait for our confirmation that both services are linked.

What If I Want to Have More Than One Sender?

You can have more than one sender in your SMS 4 You account. Hovewer, you will need to pay 5€ for each additional sender.

How Can I Send the SMS?

When you are creating a reference at your backoffice, you should now see an option (Checkbox) that you can check to send the SMS. (Enviar referência por SMS).

If you need any help to send your SMS, please contact us.

Is It Possible to Integrate in My Website?

Of course!

SMS 4 You has its own API so you can integrate it.

Its API documentation is available at its website.

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